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"Driving change in healthcare requires vision, courage, and relentless dedication." Dr. A.N., MD

As a Physician, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Philanthropist, and Leader, Dr. Nooristani leverages his diverse expertise to enhance healthcare accessibility, advocate for superior patient care, and promote community wellbeing.

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A Career Marked by Leadership and Innovation

A Journey of Medical Leadership

Dr. Nooristani's career is a testament to his commitment to superior patient care and innovative healthcare strategies. Through his numerous roles, from hospitalist to Chairman of the Department of Medicine and Medical Director, he has consistently championed efforts to improve the quality of care and advance medical practice.

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Dr. Nooristani's TV Show

"Health Check with Dr. Nooristani" is a TV show and podcast bringing the latest health trends, medical insights, and inspiring health stories to viewers, hosted by acclaimed physician Dr. Nooristani. It's accessible on Cox Yurview in 11 states and globally on Spotify.

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Broad Knowledge and Expertise in Medicine

A Foundation of Academic Excellence

Dr. Nooristani's robust educational background, complemented by numerous certifications, forms the foundation of his medical expertise. His academic journey took him from the California State University to Ross University, culminating in a prestigious medical degree. Accompanied by various certifications, his credentials testify to his proficiency in modern medical practice.


Making healthcare accessible to all

Philanthropy at Heart

Committed to reducing healthcare disparities, Dr. Nooristani has established free clinics under the umbrella of SLO Noor Foundation and SavieHealth. These clinics aim to fill the gap in healthcare access for uninsured and underprivileged individuals in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.

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Entrepreneurship Meets Medicine

Pioneering Healthcare Innovations

Dr. Nooristani applies his extensive medical knowledge to spearhead innovative healthcare initiatives. Among his ventures are the development of NVT, a telemedicine platform aimed at enhancing access to medical consultants, and the establishment of O4Skincare and O4Nutrition, which are redefining the health and wellness industry. As a key figure behind Balance7, he is driving innovation in patient care, continually pursuing opportunities to improve health outcomes.

  • 2023

    Certificate of Recognition by California State by Senator Monique Limón

  • 2022

    Medical Director of the Year, ApolloMD

  • 2019

    Certificate of Recognition, Consulate of Mexico in Oxnard

  • 2019

    Certificate of Recognition, County of San Luis Obispo

  • 2019

    Certificate of Recognition by Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham

  • 2017

    Central Coast Community Citizen of the Year, Hispanic Business Association

  • 2017

    Concordia Clinical Instructor Award

  • 2016

    Certificate of Recognition by California State Legislature, William W. Monning

  • 2016

    Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, Lois Capps

  • 2016

    Certificate of Recognition, County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors

  • 2016

    Certificate of Recognition by Assemblyman Khatchik H. Achadjian

  • 2016

    Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, Lois Capps

  • 2016

    Certificate of Merit, City of San Luis Obispo

  • 2015

    Wilshire Hospice Physician of the Year Humanitarian Award

  • 2013

    Pacific Coast Business Times Recognition

  • 2013

    Certificate of Recognition by State Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, “40 under 40”

  • 2012

    United Way Innovation Award

  • 2011

    The Tribune Top 20 Under 40 Award

  • 2010

    Nominated for Citizen of the Year, San Luis Obispo

  • 2008

    ARMC James F. Gleason, M.D., Chief Resident Award

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Health Check: Listen, Learn, Thrive

Join Dr. Ahmad Nooristani on the HealthCheck podcast series as he navigates pressing health issues and the latest in medical advancements. With expert guests and thought-provoking discussions, this is your guide to a comprehensive understanding of health. Every episode offers insights and solutions, empowering you on your path to well-being.