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Free Healthcare for San Luis Obispo: The SLO Noor Story

SLO Noor: Where Health Meets Hope.

Dive deep into the heart of the SLO Noor Foundation, San Luis Obispo's beacon of hope for uninsured individuals. From its inception to its remarkable impact, this article chronicles the foundation's unwavering commitment to providing free healthcare, its transformative role in the community, and the countless lives touched by its compassionate approach. Discover how the SLO Noor Foundation has become a symbol of unity, resilience, and hope in San Luis Obispo.

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Savie Health: Bridging the Gap, One Patient at a Time.

Savie Health: A New Dawn in Free Healthcare

Expanding our commitment to accessible healthcare, Dr. Nooristani proudly presents Savie Health in Santa Barbara County. This new free clinic is a testament to our enduring mission: quality healthcare for all, no exceptions. Discover the journey of Savie Health and join us in our continuous efforts to light the path to better health for every individual.

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Understanding Magnesium Glycinate: A Comprehensive Overview

Magnesium Glycinate on Forbes Health

Magnesium, in its many forms, plays a crucial role in our health. Magnesium Glycinate, known for its high absorption and fewer digestive side effects, is spotlighted on Forbes Health. Join Dr. Ahmad Nooristani and other health professionals as they unpack its importance, benefits, and recommended uses.

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Dr. Nooristani Explores Weight Loss & Ice

Can Ice Truly Aid in Weight Loss?

With the alarming rise in obesity prevalence, Dr. Nooristani, the CEO of Balance7, addresses the latest weight loss trends in his new blog. As the world seeks novel ways to tackle weight issues, could the solution be as simple as ice? Dive into Dr. Nooristani's comprehensive insights to uncover the truth.

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Unmasking the 'Third Killer' in Men

Discover the 'Third Killer' in Men

Cancer continues to leave an indelible mark on lives, with men being particularly vulnerable. Dr. Nooristani, the visionary CEO of Balance7, sheds light on a silent killer: the third leading cause of cancer death among men in the U.S. Dive into his latest blog to understand its intricacies and ways to combat it.

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Dr. Nooristani’s Insightful Take on the Keto Diet Craze

Deciphering the Keto Diet

With global obesity rates soaring, Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7 and a seasoned medical professional with 16 years of experience, delves into the Keto Diet phenomenon. Discover the potential advantages and pitfalls of this trending diet, and find out if it aligns with your health goals.

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Discover foods that do more than just satisfy your hunger

Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Foods

Nutrition is more than just sustenance; it's a pivotal weapon in the fight against life-threatening diseases. With over 15 years of medical experience, Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7, highlights the immense power of ten specific foods in warding off cancer. Dive into the transformative world of high-alkaline meals, where the right food choices can significantly enhance your body's defenses.

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Hiccups: A Common Nuisance or a Red Flag?

Hidden Dangers Behind Persistent Hiccups

While many dismiss hiccups as a mere irritation, Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7™, with 16 years in medical practice, stresses their potential implications. Delve into an insightful exploration of hiccups - from their causes to their possibly grave underlying issues. Discover when these seemingly trivial spasms could be an alarm bell for severe health conditions.

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Are you one of the unknowing millions with CKD? Time to find out

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) - a silent, widespread threat, is currently afflicting 1 in 7 American adults. Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7™, with a rich experience spanning 16 years in medicine, delves deep into the mysteries of CKD. Discover its unseen prevalence, its interlinked health complications, and arm yourself with knowledge to thwart its advance.

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How Do Hormones Impact Our Mental Well-being?

The Link Between Hormones and Mental Health

Ever pondered, "Do my hormones affect my mental health?" Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7™ and a seasoned medical expert with 16 years in the field, unravels the intricate relationship between hormonal fluctuations and prevalent mental health concerns. Discover how the symphony of hormones in our body, from estrogen to thyroids, plays pivotal roles in our emotional and physical states. Empower yourself with knowledge and tips for a balanced well-being.

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Connecting the Dots: Body Acidity's Role in Modern Diseases

Body Acidity and Its Health Implications

Is your body silently turning acidic? Dr. Nooristani, CEO of Balance7, delves deep into the alarming correlation between body acidity and a slew of modern ailments. From hypertension to cancer, discover how the body's pH might be a silent contributor to widespread health concerns. Equip yourself with vital insights on preventing and countering this unseen menace.

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Guarding Against the Diabetes Gene: Steps for Prevention

Genetics, Diabetes, and You: Taking Charge of Your Health

Is diabetes a legacy in your family? Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, CEO of Balance7, sheds light on the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes in the US and offers pivotal insights on understanding, preventing, and managing the condition. If diabetes runs in your lineage, empower yourself with the knowledge to avert its devastating effects and improve your life quality.

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Taking Control: Reducing Cholesterol Levels for a Healthier Heart

How to decrease my cholesterol level?

With soaring rates of high cholesterol among adults and even children, understanding how to manage cholesterol levels has never been more critical. Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, the seasoned CEO of Balance7, explores proven methods to decrease cholesterol and diminish the associated risks of heart diseases and strokes. Unveil the secrets to a healthier heart and longer life.

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Tackling Erectile Dysfunction: Finding Solutions with Dr. Nooristani

Erectile Dysfunction

The prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) increases with age, and it can deeply affect one's self-esteem and relationships. Dr. Ahmad Nooristani sheds light on the realities of ED and shares actionable advice for those seeking effective solutions. Whether you're among the 40% of men aged 40-70 or the 70% over 70 grappling with ED, help is at hand.

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